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Florida Insurance Claims Lawyer

Legal Representation for First Party Insurance Claims

What happens when disaster strikes? In many instances, natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and fires leave victims with little that hasn't been destroyed. Victims of natural disaster rely on their insurance companies to get them the compensation they deserve, the sooner the better. Unfortunately, when policyholders need them the most, insurance companies often fail to deliver. With a sudden hike in insurance claims being filed, insurance companies want to avoid taking a financial hit and can sometimes wrongfully deny claims or offer a lower amount than is actually due. Givens, Givens & Sparks is here to assist clients with their first party insurance claims so that they can gain access to the compensation that they both need and deserve.

Florida is no stranger to natural disasters. Cities throughout the state often lie directly in the path of a major hurricane or tropical storm and can even be riddled with sinkholes. Insurers are required to thoroughly investigate each and every claim they receive. A thorough and honest investigation of damages will reveal every area in which the claimant deserves compensation. There are a few things that can happen here. For one, insurance adjusters may not perform an accurate or completely thorough investigation. When the investigation is lacking, so will the total amount of compensation. Insurance companies can also outright deny a claim without a valid reason or even fail to respond to a claim. Each of these scenarios constitutes insurance bad faith, and the Florida insurance claim attorneys at Givens, Givens & Sparks exist to fight against it.

Recognizing a Valid Dispute

Depending on the type of policy you have, a successful first party insurance claim can take care of any applicable medical expenses, loss of earnings, property damage and more. When your insurance company fails to compensate you fully, your health and your future could be at risk. You need an advocate on your side that can recognize a valid dispute and fight back. If you are a policyholder and you know that you faithfully pay your insurance premiums each month, then you know that you deserve the coverage allotted for in your policy. If you file an insurance claim and your insurance company sends you back a letter of denial, they are required to explain why, per your policy, they denied you. If you believe that you are being cut short of your deserved benefits, you can fight back.

Victims of Sinkholes, Hurricanes, Floods & Fires

One particularly prevalent type of natural disaster in Florida is sinkhole damage. Due to the unique geological structure of the state combined with wet areas such as the everglades and other types of lakes, Florida residents are prone to this type of damage. The destruction can be both manmade and natural, but ultimately, any property owner who sustains sinkhole damage should be able to file a first party insurance claim in order to obtain the funds necessary for repairs. Although state law requires that insurance companies thoroughly inspect sinkholes after they occur, many policyholders are denied. Because the damage that this phenomenon can cause is great, a lack of proper compensation can cause great devastation.

In recorded history, there have been more than 450 hurricanes, tropical and subtropical cyclones that have ripped through the state of Florida. Hurricanes Charley, Andrew, Katrina and others have devastated thousands of residents, leaving them wondering whether to rebuild or relocate. Severe damage requires more than just money for property repairs. Victims file first party insurance claims to cover the cost of living expenses (i.e. hotel expenses) while their home is being repaired as well.

Fire insurance is also a type of property insurance that home and business owners can use to protect themselves from the damage of a wildfire or other type of fire. Flood insurance can become complex, as these types of claims might be handled through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). You can trust the knowledge of the insurance claim attorneys at Givens, Givens & Sparks with your case. If there is an area where you deserve compensation, we will find it and fight to ensure that you get it.

Business & Residential Property Claims

Our firm handles first party insurance claims for both business and residential property owners. These are two distinct and unique types of insurance claims. If your business was damaged, filing a business property claim can be very different than a homeowner insurance claim. You might even be eligible for business interruption insurance which could cover the loss of income you suffered while your business was closed due to damage. Residential property claims have their own unique issues. Whether you are a business or residential property owner, please call us and tell us what happened.

Our firm can provide you with an evaluation of your case to determine what steps you need to take next. If you are a victim of a natural disaster, the last thing you need is to become a victim of your insurance company. With representation from our firm, you can fight back so that you can receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve. After a disaster, you know that adequate compensation is vital to your livelihood and your future. Place your future in the hands of a trusted law firm by contacting Givens, Givens & Sparks today!

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